What are the usage of Pigment Green 7 in Plastic Industries?

What are the usage of Pigment Green 7 in Plastic Industries?

What are the benefits of Pigment Green 7 in Plastic Industries?

Are you curious about the colorful world of plastic products? The pigments added to plastic products can enhance their appearance and performance. Pigment Green 7 is one of the vital pigments used in the plastic industry that you might encounter in your everyday life. Here’s everything you need to know about Pigment Green 7:

1. What is Pigment Green 7?

Pigment Green 7, also known as PG7, is a bright green powder that is insoluble in water. It belongs to the phthalocyanine family, a synthetic pigment used to color various materials, including plastics, inks, and coatings. PG7 is a highly stable pigment, making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications.

2. How does Pigment Green 7 enhance plastic products?

When added to plastic resin, PG7 imparts a bright green hue to the plastic product. The color’s intensity can be adjusted to suit the desired shade by fine-tuning the pigment concentration. PG7 enhances the colorfastness of plastic products, making them resistant to fading and discoloration caused by exposure to light and heat.

3. What plastic products use Pigment Green 7?

PG7 finds its application in manufacturing a wide range of plastic products, including toy figurines, houseware, food packaging products, and garden products. The pigment is often used in combination with other pigments to produce a diverse variety of colors. PG7 is a popular choice for eco-friendly plastics as it’s free from heavy metals.

4. What are the environmental impacts of Pigment Green 7?

PG7 is a non-toxic and eco-friendly pigment that doesn’t emit harmful pollutants. It’s considered safe for use in manufacturing plastic products safe for food packaging and children’s toys. PG7 is readily biodegradable, making it ideal for environmentally friendly products.

5. What are the technical benefits of Pigment Green 7 in plastics?

Apart from improving aesthetics, PG7 enhances plastics’ technical properties by improving the uniform distribution of the pigment in the plastic matrix. Using Pigment Green 7 in plastic manufacturing provides high heat resistance and resistance to chemicals. The pigment enhances the durability and flexibility of the end products.

6. How is Pigment Green 7 added to plastic products?

Pigment Green 7 pigment can be added to plastic products at any stage of manufacturing, from compounding to injection molding. The pigment is usually added to masterbatches, small granules also containing other additives like stabilizers and UV absorbers. Adding Pigment Green 7 in small scale avoids any complications in the manufacturing process, and the resulting product is both durable and cost-effective.

7. Is Pigment Green 7 safe?

Yes, Pigment Green 7 is safe for use in food-contacting plastic products, children’s toys, and all other products. It has passed US FDA, European GMP, and CPSIA safety tests and is free from any metals that are harmful to the human body.

8. What are the future prospects of Pigment Green 7?

With the increasing demand for eco-friendly and safe plastic products, Pigment Green 7 has a bright future for plastic producers. The pigment’s stability, durability, and reliability make it a popular choice in the marketplace, ensuring that customers get high-quality green-colored plastics.

“Color is a power that directly influences the soul” – Wassily Kandinsky.


1. What Makes Pigment Green 7 Unique, Compared TO Others?

Pigment Green 7 is unique because, along with its excellent lightfastness and coloring strength, it also has good storage stability and other properties.

2. Is Pigment Green 7 Biodegradable?

Yes, Pigment Green 7 pigment is readily biodegradable in soil. It is an environmentally friendly pigment that doesn’t emit harmful pollutants and is considered safe for use in manufacturing plastic products.

3. Does Pigment Green 7 Have Any Adverse Effect On The Environment?

No, Pigment Green 7 is non-toxic and eco-friendly, making it a safe and reliable pigment for use in plastic additive products.

4. How Does Pigment Green 7 Help In Resisting Light And Heat?

Pigment Green 7 has high particle size and heat resistance characteristics that help the plastic product retain its color for a longer time. This property makes it ideal for outdoor applications.

5. Can A Beginner Add Pigment Green 7 In Any Part Of The Manufacturing Process?

Yes, Pigment Green 7 can be added at any stage of plastic manufacturing, from compounding to injection molding. However, it should be added to small concentrated granules called masterbatches to avoid any complications.


Pigment Green 7 is an essential pigment in the plastic industry that provides an attractive green shade to plastic products. It enhances colorfastness, durability, uniform distribution, and flexibility in plastic products. Besides, it is biodegradable and eco-friendly, making it suitable for eco-friendly products. Pigment Green 7 enhances stability and resistance to light, heat, and chemicals in plastic products. So, whether you’re manufacturing children’s toys or food packaging products, Pigment Green 7 is the way to go!